Expert Insights: Understanding the Impact of Exchange Errors 431-449

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Exchange Server is an advanced email and collaboration server developed by Microsoft and has a huge user base all around the globe. Having so many advantages and high-class technical support, there are still some flaws and issues with the Exchange Server. Exchange users frequently face some common errors out of which few are in this write-up with the resolution. Exchange Error 431/432/441/442/446/447/449 are covered in this blog.

Read the blog till the end to get a piece of complete information related to the blogs including causes, symptoms, and solutions. Also, a utility to deal with such errors in a professional manner is also here. Keep Reading!

 Exchange Error 431/432/441/442/446/447/449: Know About All

1. Exchange Error 431

  • This error occurs if you have less space in the delivery server and you are lacking the storage. In other words, for this, must check the system storage and free up space.
  • For this, Go to Settings >> Storage. And free up space as per the requirement.Fix Exchange Error 431
  • If it doesn’t work for you then check for the apps running in the background to check this, go to Control Panel and search for the task manager or press Ctrl+Shift+Esc.error 431 close running aps-1
  • Check the apps running in the background and remove the applications that are not required.

2. Exchange Error 432

  • It is a throttling issue caused due to excessive emails. Because of excessive emails, the Exchange Server faces resource issues.
  • It indicates that the recipient’s server is not responding due to a long queue of emails.
  • To resolve this, you need to modify the throttle parameters. To do so, must follow the below-given steps:
  • First, reach through this path: “C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V14\Bin”. Here, you will get  “edgetransport.exe.cofig” file, Enter: “RecipientThreadLimit” value=”2″, MaxMailboxDeliveryPerMdbConnections” value=”3″.

3. Exchange Error 441

  • Encountering error 441 indicates that there is something fishy with the sender’s server or there is some connection issue.
  • To rectify this issue, must check if the sender is blocked. If it is, then it must unblock. Also, must check the IP setup and IP bindings.
  • Also, cross-check POP and SMTP settings and values.Exchange Error 441



4. Exchange Error 442

  • If you are getting an Exchange Server Error 442, it means there are some issues with the Network connection or Server Downtime.
  • Must check the modem, router, and other network connection ways.
  • If you are using any Antivirus/Antimalware/ VPN, then consider turning it off for some time.
  • Accordingly, to turn it off, go to Settings >> VPN >> Turn Off.Exchange Error 442


5. Exchange Error 446

  • Getting Exchange Error 446 indicates that the hop limit reached its maximum during transmission.
  • Corrupted Exchange Server EDB files/ header corruption is also behind Exchange Error 446.
  • Try to repair EDB files using professional EDB recovery software.

6. Exchange Error 447

  • The Exchange Server Error 447 is because of an outgoing message getting timed out.
  • An incorrect mail address of the receiver is also a reason behind it.
  • If you send an email to multiple email addresses, consider creating a group to escape the timed-out issue.

7. Exchange Error 449

  • Improper routing configuration is the main cause behind Exchange Error 449.
  • This error is frequent if you have entered a wrong value for SMTP configuration or DNS value.
  • Also, run the Network Troubleshooter. To run this, follow Settings >> Network & Internet >> Status >> Network Troubleshooter.Exchange Error 449

Not getting fixes for Exchange Errors?

  • If, after trying all the mentioned workarounds, you are unable to resolve Exchange Error 431/432/441/442/446/447/449, then it is a point of concern if you don’t have the proper knowledge.
  • The most common reason behind the Exchange Error 431/432/441/442/446/447/449 is corrupt EDB files. In other words, a corrupted EDB file is the root cause of most Exchange Errors.
  • Additionally, corruption/issue in the header section indicates that EDB files are corrupted, and the header issue is common.
  • There are many reasons for EDB corruption, like oversized data, Exchange Server Crashes, Improper Shutdown, and Power Outage like common issues.

How to recover corrupted EDB files?

To repair EDB files, the Regain Exchange Recovery Tool is a cutting-edge utility developed with a highly advanced algorithm. It recovers severely corrupted EDB files in a few clicks. Some of its highlighted features are:

  • Regain Exchange Recovery Tool can add multiple EDB files of any size and recover them efficiently.
  • It is easy to run as it is developed to provide a user-friendly solution.
  • You also get multiple file formats to save the recovered EDB file data. Some prominent file formats are PST,  EML, EMLX, and PDF.
  • Users can also migrate recovered mailboxes to Office 365/Exchange Server.
  • It also facilitates migration to Yahoo Mail, Gmail, Hotmail, Amazon Work Space, et cetera.
  • Moreover, this utility is compatible with all the versions of Windows OS.

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See how easy it is to recover EDB files using the Regain Exchange Recovery Tool:

  •  First, install and launch the Regain Exchange Recovery Tool (aka Regain EDB to PST Converter).
  • Click on the Add File button and add the corrupted EDB file.Exchange Error 431/432/441/442/446/447/449
  • Now the software will scan the EDB file and show you a preview.Step 2
  • Now select the desired resultant file format to save the recovered EDB files. Click on Save Data.Step 3
  • The process to save the recovered EDB file format will start. Sooner, you will get a message that your task has been completed.Step 4

Wrapping up:

Exchange Error 431/432/441/442/446/447/449 are very frequent and many users encounter these errors. There could be multiple reasons behind it, and all possible reasons are in the write-up. Having corrupt EDB files is a common reason behind every error; hence, recovering EDB files is recommended. For the EDB recovery, a professional third-party tool by Regain Software is explained in this blog. Must download the tool for free and have a demo!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. I commonly use a VPN; is this possible that it is the reason behind the Exchange Server Error 442?
Ans. Network instability is a common reason behind the Exchange Error 442. Along with this, VPN (virtual private network) is also a reason reported by many professionals.

Q2. Is Exchange Error 431/432/441/442/446/447/449 all caused due to corrupt EDB files?
Ans. Corrupted EDB files are a common reason behind the Exchange Error 431/432/441/442/446/447/449. Many other reasons are just due to corrupt Exchange EDB files.

Q3. Can I check this professional utility before purchasing the licensed version?
Ans. Yes, you can have a demo of the software to ensure the tool’s efficiency. We are confident about our products; hence, we ask users to have a free trial. The demo version is just a restricted version that allows processing 30 items per folder.

Q4. What Should I check if encountering Exchange Error 431?
Ans. Exchange Error 431 indicates that you are short of storage. Must check for storage, and if lacking, then free up space.

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