How to Split PST file in Outlook 2019/2016/2013/2010 Manually

In this blog we will talk about all the common reasons why Outlook users want to split their PST file in Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010 and 2007? We will also tell you some effective and efficient methods - how can you split a PST file in Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010? Read the blog to the end and I hope this will help you when splitting PST files.

When the PST file size exceeds the maximum file size limit, this can lead to a chance of data loss and corruption in PST files in unfavorable situations. When PST files exceed the storage limit, the operation of Microsoft Outlook is reduced, and this may destroy your access to the mailbox, or you may also lose your data. The larger the PST size, this is a major cause for concern for Outlook users.

So, you must adopt a fairly common solution to maintain Outlook PST file’s size and control your system from running out of space. Theoretically, it hears very easy when we say split the large files, but in practical, the process isn’t so straightforward. The manual method of splitting a PST file requires technical skills and unlimited time;

Before we get into the process of splitting a PST file, let’s discuss why we need to split PST file?

As we have talked, storage issues are a very common reason for splitting a PST file into smaller one. Oversized PST files are always at the high risk of data corruption.

1) To enhance the work process, a heavy file will make the work worse.

2) To make the PST file usable, when it become inaccessible due to excess of data.

After much talk about these possible causes, let us now discuss some manual techniques by which you can easily solve the problem of splitting Large Outlook PST files in Outlook.

1st Method: By Using “Move to Folder Option”


Step 1: First of all launch MS Outlook to start the process.

How to Split PST file in Outlook 2019/2016/2013/2010 Manually

Step 2: Click ‘File’ from the menu bar, and then → Account setting → Account setting.

Split Outlook PST file Manually

Step 3: After that, click the "Data File" button at the same time click the "Add" button to add a new PST file and give it a unique name for comfort.

Step by step guide to split outlook PST file

How to Split Outlook PST file manually

Step 4: Once you add the file, just go to "Home" and then open your Outlook profile old PST file. And select items to move to the newly created PST file.

Step 5: To move, click the "Move" button on the ribbon, and then click "Copy to Folder" on the wizard.

Tips to break or divide oversize Outlook PST file

Step 6: Select the newly created PST file to move your selected items from the old PST file, and proceed.

How to Split PST file in Outlook 2019/2016/2013/2010 Manually

Step 7: After transferring items to the new PST, just delete the copied items from the default PST file so that its size gets reduced.

2nd Method: With the help of Import and Export Options

As there are lots of manual solutions available for splitting your oversized Outlook PST file, in this sequence, let’s try another tricks to split large size PST files with the use of following given directions.


Step 1: At first, open Microsoft Outlook application, and then click 'File' → 'Open and Export' → 'Import/Export'.

PST Splitter tool to split huge size Outlook PST file

Step 2: An 'Export and Import' wizard will open, choose "Export to a file" option, and go through with this by clicking 'Next' tab.

how to split pst file manualy

Step 3: Now, in the Export File window, you will see the "Outlook Data File (.pst) option, choose this and click 'Next'.

I want to split pst file, how can i do this?

Step 4: go to the "Export Outlook Data File" wizard, and then choose "folders to export and export subfolders" → "Include sub-folders" option.

Steps to break large Outlook PST file into small PST files

Step 5: Now, to select the location to save the exported file, select the "Browse" tab, as well as duplicate items to stop exporting, click "Do not display copy items".

Manual guide to split large PST file

Step 6: Finally, set a password for the PST file that was exported, or you can cancel the password setting option.

Easiest way to split large size Outlook PST file

After this step you can create a new PST file. Was it difficult? Let’s move on to the next method.

3rd Method: By Archive Wizard PST Size Reduce Method

Through this Archive Wizard method, we can also achieve the goal of split large PST file in Outlook. Follow the step by step procedure listed below:


Step 1: Open Microsoft Outlook, as usual, follow the given navigation, 'file' → 'Information' → 'Cleaning Tools' → Archive…

Step 2: Then select the desired archive folder, select the date before you want the archive.

Step 3: In parallel with the second step, click the "Browse" button to save and specify a name such as "New PST File".

Step 4: At the end, just click the "OK" button to confirm. The newly made PST file will be created at the desired location. The goal of reducing the PST file size will be completed after this process.

Drawbacks of Manual Methods:

As far as we have many methods through which we can split the PST file in various versions of Outlook. But practically is neither so easy nor safe. Let's consider the disadvantages of the following manual methods:

  • Time-consuming and lengthy process
  • Does not guarantee data security and integrity
  • Is more likely to cause data loss
  • You cannot blindly rely on this technique to split your PST file
  • Needs lots of technical knowledge to run this manual process
  • Doing the task is not easy, at any time you can lose the command in the process

So, what to do?:

Prevent all problems related to manual methods; by choosing a smart automated Split PST File tool, i.e. Regain PST Splitter software. Users can go to Regain PST Splitter software, which is technologically advanced with a sophisticated algorithm, to break large sized PST files into small and manageable size. It offers several handy features, like:

  • Splits PST files into small size with no fear of losing data
  • Split any size of large PST file completely within in fewer steps
  • Allows splitting of Outlook PST files by different criteria such as split by size, split by folder, Split by date, Split by year
  • No PST files size restriction and also support corrupted or Offline PST
  • The tool supports to divide both ANSI PST and UNICODE PST file
  • Automatically split large Outlook PST files with password-protection
  • Splits PST files and generate a new PST file while retaining all the Meta properties of entire emails
  • Designed with Graphical User Interface that works on all versions of Outlook

After reading the above features, it can be easily said that Split PST file software has everything one professional wants. So to split the PST file in Outlook 2019 and other versions, this Regain PST Splitter is one of the best choices among the users to split their huge Outlook PST files.

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