Manual Guide to Split PST in Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007

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When the PST file size exceeds the maximum file size limit, it can lead to data loss or damage of files in adverse circumstances. The larger the PST size, the greater the concern for Outlook users. So you have to use some methods to control Outlook PST file size and space on your system. Nowadays, PST files are more vulnerable to corruption as they operate in Unicode format and larger PST size can also affect the performance of Outlook.

In this blog we are going to discuss all the possible ways to divide a large PST file into many small and manageable PST files. The solution we are going to adopt to do this task can often be used in all versions of MS Outlook.

Why You Need Splitting Large PST File?

If you see, you will find various reasons for splitting large PST files, out of which we have mentioned some common reasons below:

  • When the size of your PST file becomes large, the operation and speed of your MS Outlook starts to slow down.
  • Users refuse to store data items in PST file folders if the PST file is not allocated to the space, or it is left with very limited repositories.
  • A large PST file, when exceeding its allowable limit, makes PST file data inaccessible to users.

Manual Techniques to Split Oversized PST File

Microsoft does not provide an inbuilt tool to split large sized PST files. Therefore, we have identified several methods that can be used manually to make it possible for us to break huge PST files in Outlook 2019, 2016 and other versions as well.

  1. Reduce PST Size with Import/Export Process
  2. Use Move to Folder Option for Managing Large PST File
  3. Use Archive Wizard for Reducing PST File Size

Method 1: Reducing PST Size with Import/Export Process

The Import / Export Wizard is not only used to move data files to MS Outlook, but it is also used to split PST files in MS Outlook.

Split the complete PST files by following these given directions:

Step 1: Launch MS Outlook, click à ‘File’ à ‘Account Settings’  àAccount Settings’ Manual Guide to Split PST File

Step 2: Now a dialog box will appear; Click ‘Add’ button under ‘Data Files’ tab. Tips to Split PST file Manually

Step 3: Again a new dialog box will open; enter name and type as ‘Outlook data file (.pst)’ and click à ‘OK’ to create a new PST. Split Oversize PST file in a Manual way

Step 4: You can view this newly created PST file under Data Files

Step 5: Now, click ‘File’ à ‘Open & Export’ à ‘Import/Export’ Steps by step guide to split Outlook PST file

Step 6: Now go to the ‘Import and Export Wizard’ and select ‘Export a File’. After that click ‘Next’ button Easiest way to split pst file manually

Step 7: Now in this ‘Export File’ window; you are required to choose ‘Outlook Data File (.pst)’ and then click ‘Next’ to move further. Step by step guide to split pst file

Step 8: Select Folders for Export and check the Enable Subfolders option if you want to export subfolders. Split Outlook PST file Manually without any data loss

Step 9: Now, let’s take a look at the storage location of the exported file and select the options to prevent the exported duplicate item from being exported. And, click Finish Manual Guide to Split PST into small PST files

Step 10: Set a password for creating a password for PST file or just cancel it by pressing on the cancel option.

Method 2: Use Move to Folder Option for Managing Large PST File

Let us try another method for splitting over-sized PST files with the use of this Move to the Folder option. Follow these step by step procedures that we have mentioned below:

Step 1: Open Outlook, go to the File and click à Account Settings à Account Settings. Steps to perform Split pst file into small pst files

Step 2: A dialog box will open; click the ‘Outlook Data Files’ option and select the oversized PST file that needed to be split and click on ‘OK’ option. Step by step guide to split or divide oversize pst file

Step 3: Move to home page and open your Outlook profile with the default PST file and select the items you want to move to the new PST file you created in Step 2.

Step 4: now you need to click the ‘Move’ button from the ribbon and select ‘Copy to Folder’ option. Tips to Split PST file easily

Step 5: Select all data from the default PST file so that it can be moved to new one. Step by step manual guide to Split Outlook PST file into small PST files

Step 6: You can delete the copied items from the default PST file to reduce its size.

Method 3: Use Archive Wizard for Reducing PST File Size

You can also follow the mentioned procedure of this Archive Wizard for reducing the size of your PST file in Outlook:

Step 1: open MS Outlook and go to the ‘File’ à click on ‘Info’ à ‘Tools’ à ‘Clean up Old Items’ Free solution to split Outlook PST file

Step 2: now select ‘Archive this folder and all subfolder’ as shown below in the screenshot; choose a date to Archive older items and click ‘Browse’ to save the Archive file to the desired location and after that click ‘OK’ button. Manual tips to Split PST file easily

With the help of these methods, you can save large PST file issues by reducing its size and saving the old data items in the desired location in Outlook and so that you can use them when needed.

Limitations of Using Manual Techniques for Splitting PST File:

We recommend the user to always try a professional tool to split a large PST file, as there are various reasons behind not using manual techniques. To know these reasons in better way, you can look at some of the limitations of manual methods that we have mentioned below:

  • It consume lots of time of users while performing the splitting process.
  • Lots of technical expertise is needed to execute its complex process
  • Chances of PST data corruption is also high in this manual methods
  • It does not provide any guarantee of data security and integrity

Best Technique to Split PST File without Outlook:

A manual way to split large-scale PST file works brilliantly and helps users prevent corruption and bug fixes. But, if any user wants to perform the splitting if their large files quickly and that too without the installation of Outlook in the system, then a third-party tool is best choice for the user. There are plenty of tools available on the market, but what I recommend is Regain PST File Splitter as it is also trusted by IT experts.

This Split PST File utility has all the properties of professional desires that work very quickly on any size of PST file and splits files 100% accuracy without losing data. You can easily use this tool to split files data items in Outlook 2019/2016/2013/2010 and other versions too.

Follow the steps given below to split a bulky PST file:

Step 1: First of all, Run Regain PST Splitter Software Regain Outlook PST Splitter Software

Step 2: Select PST file for Scanning Browse and Select PST file for Splitting

Step 3: Select the given option to Split PST file Split PST file without any data loss

Step 4: Choose the Destination location to save Split PST files Use Regain PST Splitter tool to split or divide oversize outlook pst file

Step 5: Click Next to Complete the Process. Perform Split PST file operation manually

Step 6: finally your selected PST file is successfully spitted into multiple small PST files, now just click ‘Finish’ to end the process. Successfully Split PST file Manually

Final Words:

As we mentioned, MS Outlook has several techniques for splitting large PST files that exceed the allowable storage limit or that reach the maximum storage size limit. Therefore, keeping in mind your comfort and convenience, we have discussed about both manual and automated solutions in this blog in detail. As you can see, manual methods are not a direct way to split PST files; they are just temporary solutions, while the professional tool method is the best option without interrupting the PST file.

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