Best Way to Export Lotus Notes DXL Database to PST File

As everyone knows that, Microsoft Outlook is very popular in the fast business communication world because of its simple and smart features like email, calendar data, and contact management to keep it up to date. MS Outlook is using PST format for storing personal information like emails messages, contacts, calendar, addresses, etc. whereas, Domino is a server program for a Lotus Notes which using the DXL file format for storing all the data and structural components of  your database.

Few years ago, IBM Lotus Notes Domino was quite popular but, due to arrival of the new software in the email market. It is continuously losing its users. Now Microsoft Outlook is providing all the benefits, security and advanced feature which is not available in IBM Lotus Notes Domino. We have a unique and advanced tool with the help of which you can convert DXL file to PST file format. You can use Regain DXL to PST Converter for file format conversion. Continue reading “Best Way to Export Lotus Notes DXL Database to PST File”

How to Export MS Excel Spreadsheet Data to Outlook Address Book?

Regain Excel to PST Converter Tool is evaluated launched program which give you outstanding results during converting CSV or Excel file into PST file format. And helps you to export contacts from excel spreadsheet to MS Outlook. This software is also capable to convert multiple XLS/XLSX/CSV data to Outlook PST and export contacts to Outlook Address Book.

Key Features: Excel to PST Converter Software

  • You can easily export contacts from Excel file to PST file.
  • You can remove duplicate email contacts file from excel spreadsheet before conversion.
  • It generate preview of entire contacts from Excel file before conversion.
  • This software supports all the latest MS Excel and MS Outlook versions.
  • There is no risk of data losing while conversion because of its fast and secure algorithm.

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Convert OLM to PST Format (Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook)

Microsoft Outlook is email application which ruling the fast growing business in the world. This is just because of its simplified interface. It is highly popular for its wide range of storage power and security features. Now MS Outlook is applicable for Window users as well as Mac system users. But they both are supporting different file format. In windows, MS Outlook stores its email file in PST file format. This file is known as PST (Personal storage table). On the other hand, Mac Outlook stores its email file in OLM (Outlook for Mac) to storing the email messages and data.

If there is any circumstances come to open the OLM file in Window system than in this situation, User needs to convert OLM to PST format to obtain the mailbox data stored in OLM file. Continue reading “Convert OLM to PST Format (Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook)”

How to Export Mails from Apple Mac MBOX to Windows Outlook PST File

In future, are you looking for a switch to Microsoft Outlook email client? User switching from one email client to another is very common now. Normally, users change their email clients due to corporate limitation or some personal reason. If your past email client saves your mailbox data in .mbox format and you are unable to open them in your MS Outlook.  In this case, you need to convert your emails from MBOX format to PST format.

The MBOX and PST format is used to store emails and mailbox data. But they have a few differences. Microsoft Outlook stores their files in PST format, whereas MBOX format file created in lots of email clients like Apple Mail, Mozilla Mail, Netscape, Opera Mail, Eudora, SeaMonkey, Thunderbird, Spicebird, Entourage, Claws Mail, Mulberry, Pocomail, Evolution, Sylpheed, and more. Continue reading “How to Export Mails from Apple Mac MBOX to Windows Outlook PST File”

How to Migrate Lotus Notes to Outlook PST file Safely

Are you worried that you might lose important emails in Lotus Notes when migrating to Outlook PST? You are among many users of Lotus Notes who want to perform NSF to PST conversion but are worried and wondering how to do so. Every sensible user would want these files to be safe in this process.

How to Convert Lotus Notes NSF to Outlook PST safely?

Professional help is probably the best way to convert Lotus Notes to Outlook email, according to many experts.  It is recommended to use professional tools as they are built to protect your database surely. There are certain decent tools available on the web but you might not find it easy to choose a single tool as a first time user. But you don’t have to worry because we are here with the best tool. Continue reading “How to Migrate Lotus Notes to Outlook PST file Safely”

OLM to PST Converter Tool Download Full Version Free

Sometimes, few requirements arise in front of us to convert our emails from one format to another format. Like same situations appear in front of you to convert emails from OLM to PST. To solve the problem, you need to download the full version of OLM to PST converter tool. So, through this article, you will get more information about the whole process of conversion and also about the converter tool.

Generally, two popular operating systems most used by the user is Windows and Mac. So, users have two different Outlook email program for both Windows and Mac systems. Both operating systems are using Outlook but the difference is Windows operates in PST file format whereas Mac uses OLM file format. Both these Outlook application are completely dissimilar and don’t support each other file format. To open OLM file in MS Outlook you have to convert it first from OLM to PST format. Because the OLM file is not acceptable in Windows Outlook. Continue reading “OLM to PST Converter Tool Download Full Version Free”

A Complete Guide to Export MBOX File to Mozilla Thunderbird

Do you want to export MBOX to Thunderbird? In this post, you will get all the details related to the requirements of importing MBOX files into Thunderbird. We have mentioned here some of these requirements as a result of which users need to import MBOX files into Thunderbird:

There is no specific reason as circumstances may vary for users wishing to import MBOX files to Thunderbird. The main reason is to open the MBOX file without the native email client. As we already know that various email applications store their data in MBOX file. If users want to open this MBOX files without their native email application, they will need some MBOX compatible email clients. As you know that Thunderbird is a free application and also works on both Windows and Mac system, therefore most of users choose Thunderbird to open the MBOX file.

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How to Convert Windows Live Mail EML files into Outlook PST for free?

Summary: In this blog, you will get simple step by step guide on how to convert Windows Live Mail to Outlook PST for free using manual methods. When a user wants to migrate from Windows Live email client to Outlook, then he must need to convert EML file used by Windows Live Mail to MS Outlook’s PST format. Through this blog we offer a guaranteed working solution for this particular problem – how to convert Windows Live Mail Email to Outlook in proper manner?

Microsoft offers huge range of email applications like Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, and Windows Live mail which are used across the world according to users’ convenience. These email applications use various file formats for data storage. Windows Live Mail supports EML files and MS Outlook stores data in PST file.

Try Regain EML to Office 365 Migrator tool to Import Windows Live Mail EML files to Office 365 account or Exchange Server. Download Here

As we all know, Windows Live Mail is the default email client for Windows Vista OS. But now Microsoft discontinued it and does not provide support. This is the reason users are migrating from Windows Live Mail to other mail clients nowadays. You might be aware that nowadays Microsoft Outlook is widely used for personal and business purpose. It offers various beneficial features such as work on multiple accounts from a single interface, configuring Gmail accounts to Outlook, latest data security features and more. These are the main reasons why most users are asking how to convert Windows Live Mail email to Outlook PST.

For migrating from Windows Live mail to Outlook, it is important to convert EML to PST file format. Before you start the process to convert Windows Live Mail email to Outlook PST you first need to know the reasons for doing so.

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Step by Step Guide to Convert Lotus Notes NSF to Outlook PST File

MS Outlook and IBM Lotus Notes are some of the most widely used and most anticipated email clients. These email clients have ruled the market for a while now. IBM Lotus Notes have been used widely since 1989, and along with being email client, it offers a lot of features like calendaring, scheduling, and programming.

On the other side, MS Outlook offers all the feature bundles to its users in an easy to use and simple UI. But IBM Lotus Notes is not that easy to use, it is still a great encryption on the edge. Various users and organizations naturally started migrating and moving from Lotus Notes to Outlook (NSF to PST). Continue reading “Step by Step Guide to Convert Lotus Notes NSF to Outlook PST File”

How to Fix OST File Synchronization Error?

The OST file as the root of your Outlook helps store and synchronize all data with the Exchange database. If there is no way to connect to the Exchange server, the OST file can be used offline. The OST file syncs automatically, so all your offline tasks will update once they are properly connected to the Exchange server.

However, it has been seen many times that when you open your MS Outlook or try to sync with your Exchange mailbox, you are prevented from doing so and hence you face various OST sync error messages. , Which appear in the sync log in the Deleted Items folder. Such synchronization issues occur when one or more corrupt or damaged email messages are found in the OST folder, which cannot be fixed during the synchronization process. Here in this blog we will study all the common synchronization issues of OST and find out the solutions to fix this OST file synchronization error.

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Why Exchange OST File Synchronization Error Occurs?

However not very often, but when you connect OST to Exchange mailbox, you may face many synchronization errors. Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2019 have different reasons for preventing synchronization with Exchange.

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