Perform Exchange Server Recovery to Fix Event ID 489 Error

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MS Exchange Server users often witness errors event id 489 in their Exchange EDB database files. This error makes the entire data inaccessible and users get stuck in a real troublesome state. Now, Users are unable to retrieve and access entire notes, contacts, calendar items, appointments, tasks, etc., to overcome such difficulties and it is advisable to opt for an immediate recovery to fix event ID 489 error in Exchange Server Database.

Considering a real-time scenario, a user might come across an unexpected error message and the entire file operation gets halted. The error condition is listed below:

Event Type: Error Event

Source: ESE Event

Category: General Event ID: 489 Computer: Computer Name

Description for the above error: Process name, attempt to open the file (path file name) for read-only access failed (error code and explanation). The file operation is denied with an error (error code).

The reason for the error is event 489 has occur and can be determine with an error code (‘error_code’), it will display at the end of the ‘Description’ section. Find below the possible solution to resolve these issues:

Detailed error message: Error -1032= ‘ JET_errFileAccessDenied’= File cannot be accessed

Now, the file is in use with some other processor with some other application. Further reasons for such issues include insufficient permission to access the folder and perform functions correctly. Hence, the user has to configure the program with the database file and folder permission need to be change default.

Error message: Error -1023= ‘JET_errInvalidPath’ = Invalid file path

The user should try to change the path of the log file or restore the check files at the time of repair or defragmentation. Users have to place back the file to their original location and remove the corrupted file data.

With seutil/p, using -fix, and ExMerge tools users can perform efficient Exchange 2003 recovery, this is a viable solution to recover inaccessible data, but in certain cases, users can face issues. The reason is, this utility can also delete the corrupted pages which leads to loss of vital data.

To ensure a reliable EDB recovery, Exchange Recovery utility is an ideal solution. Regain Exchange Server recovery software specifically to retrieve data from inaccessible and deleted emails for MS Exchange Server and saves them into working PST files. This eminent exchange server utility performs in-depth scanning of EDB database and resolves each and every error. Once the recovery process finish, it will display data in a tree-like format and users can save it at their desired location.

Fix event ID 489 error in Exchange Server Database using Professional tool

Regain Exchange Server recovery software embeds advanced algorithms that perform the instant repair for the EDB database and save the data inaccessible Outlook PST format. The tool also helps in rebuilding the damaged database and creates a new EDB file with all the mailboxes and other data items.

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The tool is comes available with a user-friendly interface and easy-to-use functionalities, thus, a non-technical user can operate the tool with ease. Exchange Recovery utility never harms the original formatting and structure of user data.


Exchange Recovery utility is a top-notch solution to resolve EDB database errors and re-build the entire database for user requirements. The tool works with utmost efficiency and ensures that the user gets immediate EDB database recovery results.

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