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Data security is important for all users; hence, every user wants to be with a secure and protected platform. Microsoft has gained a lot of trust from users; hence, Office 365 users are increasing daily. For the same, multiple security defaults are available. They are settings for the protection from unwanted access. These settings/ defaults include MFA (multi-factor authentication), legacy mail protocols, et cetera. However, there are many scenarios when users need to disable security defaults in Office 365.

This guide will explore all the dimensions of Office 365 security defaults and their disabling. As well as we will also know how it affects your Office 365 account and whether there is any alternative for this process. Be with the blog, and get your task done with Office 365 security defaults and Multi-Factor Authentication.

Know More About MFA and Office 365 Security Defaults:

  • Security defaults are a set of Microsoft Office 365 settings that prevent unauthorized login attempts.
  • It also enables MFA (multi-factor authentication), preventing legacy authentication from the application/IMAP/SMTP/POP3 from complying with MFA.
  • It is by default for the new tenants created after 2019, but now Microsoft has announced that these security defaults will also be applicable for the existing/old tenants.
  • Compulsory MFS for the privileged accounts in Azure AD. Specifically, those accounts have access to management tools.
  • There is no way to enable the security defaults if conditional access is given.
  • Users can also turn off these security defaults to provide access to those being prevented by these defaults.

Why Turn off  Security Defaults?

 However, the prime motive of the Office 365 Security Defaults is in favor of users as they all provide an extra layer of security. But there are some scenarios when users want to disable them.

  • You want to give access, but MFA and other security defaults are stopping you.
  • If users lose phone access, there are no backup plans. Registering again and changing the Authentication method is the only option.
  • Microsoft Authenticator also opens a way to authenticate, but all users are uncomfortable installing a third-party application on their phone/device.

How to Disable Office 365 Security Defaults?

  • Using Global Admin Credentials, log in to the Office 365 account.
  • Click on the Admin gear icon available in the left pane. disable defaults
  • Select the Azure Active Directory under the Admin centers.Step 3
  • Make a click on the Properties tab (present in the left pane)>>Manage Security Defaults.
  • Now, tweak the Enable Security defaults to No; this is how you can disable the Office 365 Security Defaults.Step 5

If you want to enable access to basic authentication (to legacy authentication protocols), then you must follow the below-given steps to do so:

  • Login to your Office 365 account (use Global Administrator credentials).
  • Make click on “Admin”.
  • Here, click on the navigation menu and then “Show all”.Default Security in office 365
  • Click on Settings, and from the drop-down menu, select the Org Settings.Disable Office 365 Security Defaults
  • Finally, choose the protocols that you want to enable.Enable Basic Authentication


Do we have any other option?

Yes, we have options to ease our lives by having a backup of Office 365 emails. If the motive of turning off Office security defaults is giving access to mailbox data, then backup in a local storage device is a better option. Users can back up in any prominent file format and access them easily. If they take a backup in PST file format, then they can open the PST file in any Outlook account by adding the PST file.

The Regain Office 365 Email Backup Tool is an expert solution professionals recommend for this backup task. This utility offers PST, MBOX, MSG, and EML as prominent file formats to store the backup of the Office 365 mailbox. Users can select specific folders to back up at their convenience. Moreover, connecting with an Office 365 account to take backups is easy. It will properly maintain the hierarchy of the folders in the backup. There is no limitation on mailbox size or numbers while taking a backup of Office 365.

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 How to back up Office 365 emails using Regain Software?

Taking backup using the Regain Office 365 Email Backup Tool is very simple and straightforward. Just follow the below-given steps:

  • Install and open the software.
  • Now, enter the Office 365 account credentials to connect with the Office 365. office 365 security defaults
  • Check the mailbox data that you want to back up. Step 3
  • Here, select the desired file format in which you want to save the data. Step 4
  • Browse the destination where you want to save the data. Step 5
  • Click on the Next button, and the backup process will start. Step 6

Over to you!

Everything depends on the core and actual needs of any Office 365 account holder. If a user wants to disable security defaults in Office 365 to give access to any other application for data viewing, follow the steps above or take a backup using the Regain Office 365 Email Backup Tool. Security defaults overall favor users as they secure you from unauthorized access; hence, the decision to disable security defaults can be reviewed.

Regain’s tool is very easy to run as it comes with a user-friendly GUI as well as, and it has multiple advanced features. It is also capable of backing up Live Exchange along with Office 365. You also get free technical support for your task with Regain Software. A free trial version of this advanced utility is also available; you can try, get satisfied, and upgrade to the licensed version.   

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Can we log in to Azure Management tools using basic authentication?

Ans. Azure administrators require MFA to access the Azure management tools that use Azure APIs. MFA can be enabled only for normal users/ tenants, and only they can log in to their account using basic authentication if administrators disable MFA.

Q2. Is disabling security defaults in Office 365 a good decision, or how will it affect us?

Ans. The decision to security defaults in Office 365 depends on the needs of an organization. However, these defaults are to stop unauthorized access and secure your account, but to provide access to IMAP/POP3 or other MFA not using platforms disabling security defaults in Office 365 is the only option.

Q3. If I want to share Office 365 email data and backup the data for the same, will I get the emails in the same order as it is in Office 365?

Ans. Yes, the integrity and folder hierarchy will remain the same. Regain Office 365 Email Backup Tool doesn’t alter the data originality.  You can effortlessly backup the email data and share it with others if needed.

Q4. Can I also backup the Public Folders by specifically selecting them?

Ans. Yes, you get the option with this professional utility to specify any target folder. You can easily select between shared, public, and archive.


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