Proven Methods to Address Outlook Notification Not Working

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Summary: You might find your emails in your mailbox but at the same time, you might not have received any notification for them. Let us try to discover some manual and professional solution to fix Outlook Notification is not Working error.

Many users often complain of not receiving notifications on time in MS Outlook. As a result, they end up missing multiple deadlines and important emails. This can cause an utter embarrassment before the client. Let us discuss the causes of this problem and then understand the solutions that you must try and test for this.

Reasons for the error

There are many reasons for not receiving the notifications in MS Outlook. Here are the common ones:

  • MS Outlook files are damaged or corrupt.
  • There is an installation problem.
  • MS Outlook profile is damaged.

Solutions to fix MS Outlook Notification is not Working error

There are many solutions to fix this error. Let us read about them one by one.

Restart your computer

Sometimes, restarting your device helps to fix this error easily. This usually happens when there is a temporary glitch and that can be easily solved with the help of restarting your device.

Enable notifications in MS Outlook App

MS Outlook is an effective platform to work on. It has some amazing features which makes it easier for the users to operate the same. You can enable your notifications and a message pops up every time an email comes in. Here is how you can do this:

  1. Open MS Outlook.
  2. Go to File and then go to Options. Enable notifications in MS Outlook App
  3. A pop-up window comes up. Click on Mail from the left side bar. Click on the Message arrival section. Make sure that the Play sound and a Display a Desktop alert options are enabled. Click OK to save the changes. step 3

Enable the notifications in Windows 10

Here are the couple of steps that you will have to follow if you are using Windows 10.

  1. Open Settings on your Windows 10 computer. Use Windows key + I keyboard shortcuts to open Settings.
  2. Go to System. Then go to Notifications & Actions. Enable ‘Get Notifications from apps and other senders’. Enable the notifications in Windows 10 to fix Outlook notification is not working error
  3. Scroll down and under ‘Get notifications from these senders’, click on MS Outlook. Now, enable all the required options for notifications. step 3

Check Notification Rules in MS Outlook

  1. Open MS Outlook. Go to the File menu. Click on Manage Rules and alerts. Check Notification Rules in MS Outlook
  2. Click if any rule or alert might be interfering with the normal arrival of messages in the inbox. step 2

Disable Focus-Assist

Focus Assist is an inbuilt tool of Windows 10. If this feature has been enabled, you wouldn’t be in the position to get a new notification. Here is how you can disable it.

  1. Go to the Action Center at the taskbar. If Focus Assist has been disabled, you will see the Focus Assist option. Click on this option once or twice. This means that this has been disabled. Disable Focus-Assist to fix MS Outlook notification

You can also follow an alternative method for this.

  1. Go to Settings. Go to System and then go to Focus Assist.
  2. Click on the Off option and disable if the Priority only or Alarms only is selected. step 2

The methods that we have explained above are very comprehensive. However, they may be lengthy and time consuming for some. It is simply because these methods are suitable only for those who are professionals. Let us introduce another professional tool that will help you to overcome this issue in simple ways.

Regain PST Repair Tool: An Automatic Solution

Regain Outlook PST Repair Tool is the finest tool that you can ever come across with. This particular tool is helpful to repair all the corrupt PST files. We know that MS Outlook saves all the information in PST formats. This format includes all the emails and attachments. If the PST file itself is corrupt, how can you expect MS Outlook to work. In that case, all you need to do is to ensure that you have access to the Regain PST Repair Tool. This tool repairs all the damaged and corrupt PST files easily. You can recover your deleted emails with the help of this tool as well.

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In fact, be it an encrypted file or a password-protected file, this tool repairs every kind of file irrespective of the size and number. It exports the files to multiple file formats such as PDF, EML, OST, PST, MBOX and HTML and to multiple email clients. It is a perfect tool for beginners undoubtedly.


Now that we know how to enable our notifications, we request you to implement the changes as soon as possible so that you don’t miss on any additional information. But if you still continue to face this issue over time, then you can try professional solutions. At the end, a combination of the issues will definitely help you to solve the problem.

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