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About Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) in Amazon AWS

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is an advanced security system provided in AWS for increased security of AWS resources. This MFA provides additional protection to users with different authentication modes for verification of User’s Identity while accessing AWS services and resources. To achieve this security, you need to activate MFA in AWS on your root account.

For activating Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) in Amazon, there are two types of Authentication devices:

  1. A Virtual MFA Device
  2. A Hardware MFA Device

Virtual MFA Device makes use of a software application (e.g. Google Authenticator for Android). This application generates a 6-digit code (OTP) for authentication of user’s identity during login and activate MFA in Amazon AWS account.

Mobile-specific Applications to Activate Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) in AWS

Device Application
Android Google Authenticator & Authy 2-Factor Authentication
iPhone Google Authenticator & Authy 2-Factor Authentication
Windows Phone Authenticator
Blackberry Google Authenticator