Regain OST to Office 365 Migrator - Features
Regain OST to Office 365 Migrator Features
Regain OST to Office 365 Migrator tool Features

OST to Office 365 Migration

This application offers easy solution that enables you to import OST to Office 365 mailbox. Click Export and select Office 365 Account to upload OST files.

Regain OST to PST Converter software for Bulk OST File conversion

Select OST Files for Migrator

You can add OST files to Office 365. Search for OST file when you click on search icon if you don’t know the path.

Export OST emails to office 365 account with all attachments

Previews OST file with attachment

This tool previews the whole OST file content with attachment. You can read its data by clicking on specific email.

Maintain OST Emails hierarchy after migration

Maintains original hierarchy

The software performs smooth migration of OST to Office 365 and maintains original hierarchy of the folder. The tool uploads OST data as it is for Office 365 platform.

Bulk OST Migration to Office 365 Account

Import several OST files to Office 365

This tool features Bulk Export function with which you can easily migrate different user mailboxes to Office 365 at once. To use this features, create CST file which contains Office 365 emails and passwords, and OST file paths.

Regain Upload OST Files to O365 Migrator

Upload OST Files to O365 Mailbox

You may want to move OST data by selecting this option, including contacts, emails, tasks, and calendar entries to default folders in Office 365. The software maintains the same structure when it comes to migrate OST file data to Exchange mailbox.

Export OST emails to Office 365 Account

Migrate OST file data to Online Archive Mailbox

If you don’t like to import OST data to main folders of Office 365, you may want to use the function ‘Export to Archive Mailbox’. Once this option is checked, the software creates new folder on the mailbox of Office 365 and import the whole data in the folder.

Export Offline OST file to Office 365 account

Migrate Calendar or Contacts Only

The Regain OST to Office 365 Migrator tool enables you to import calendar or contacts only to archive and primary mailbox. This option will help you if you migrate calendars and contacts.

Regain OST to Office 365 migrator tool

Pause/Resume Migration

It is another helpful feature for you to resume or pause the process of OST to Office 365 Migration. It can automatically pause the process if there is any conflict with internet connection and can resume once you can access the connection.

Show preview of convertible ost emails

Create Detailed Log Reports

There is nothing to worry about missing items, migration errors or anything else. The software creates detailed log report in the selected location and can generate migration report. It will be of great help to analyze migration process of OST to Office 365.

Selected OST Items to Office 365 Account

Selected Items to Office 365 Import

You can import the items you select to OST file to Office 365 mailbox. All you need to check emails you want and migrate to Office 365 and click Export.

Perfect OST file recovery Tool

Maintains Original Mail Properties

The software maintains the whole email properties, such as To, Cc, Bcc, From, and Subject. The application also maintains read and unread status.

Regain OST to Office 365 Migrator tool

Advance Filter for Date Range

If you are going to work with organization from a long time and want to keep the date range of 1 month, 1 year or any date when migrating to Office 365, this function will really come handy. You can choose to and from date range and upload the OST data you need to Office 365.

Screenshots of Regain OST to Office 365 Migrator Software
Regain OST to Office 365 Migrator Tool - home Screen
Browse & Select OST File for Conversion
Show Preview of Converted OST Emails
Regain OST to Office 365 Migrator
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How to Use Regain OST to Office 365 Migrator software ?

Follow these steps to migrate OST file to Office 365 Account:

  1. Launch "Regain OST to Office 365" Software
  2. Browse and Select OST file for Scanning
  3. Show Preview of Scanned items of selected OST file
  4. Click on "Office 365" Button to export ost emails

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