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Have you ever experienced the situation when you wanted to switch from PST to MBOX? Here is my blog. We will discuss the problem of converting PST to MBOX without any data loss or technical issues. We will shed some light on the “why” and “how” of the given aspect. And I hope it will prove beneficial for all the users looking for PST to MBOX conversion.

Let’s focus on the situation that users face most often

Users query – Due to the nature of my job, I moved from one location to another without further notice. I’m working on an Outlook profile, and it isn’t easy to work on a completely different platform. I am currently working on Thunderbird but have made a backup of my PST file. Can someone help me resolve the situation?

Top Reasons to Convert Outlook PST to MBOX!

This section lists the general requirements that ask users to convert Outlook PST to MBOX format. So let’s examine the various reasons listed below.

  1. Microsoft Outlook application is quite expensive, making it difficult for an ordinary user to maintain it for a long time. Therefore, after a while, users have to buy the licensed version of MS Office.
  2. Microsoft Outlook is prone to multiple disasters like PST file corruption, making the data inaccessible to the end-users.
  3. Another reason users want to convert their Outlook PST files to MBOX format is the deletion of accounts in MS Outlook.
  4. The Outlook application is less exposed to different operating systems. With the MBOX file, users can easily access the data in any operating system.

Best solutions to convert PST to MBOX manually! How is it done?

How to Convert PST into MBOX File on Windows Operating System

If you want to convert PST to MBOX file format on Windows operating system, you will need both MS Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird applications on your computer.

  1. On Windows, search for Default app settings and access the list of default applications.
  2. Make sure that Outlook is your default email application. If it doesn’t, click on the default email and select Outlook from the list.
  3. Start Mozilla Thunderbird and click Tools → Import.
  4. In the dialogue box, select the Mail option and click the Next button.
  5. Select Outlook → click on Next → Finish
  6. When the Outlook PST emails are moved to the Thunderbird, go to the default apps setting and make Thunderbird your default email.
  7. Now start Thunderbird again, and the imported Outlook data folder will be displayed there. Select the folder
  8. Click on Tools → ImportExport Tools → Export folder (.zip). And choose the destination folder for the file.
  9. To get the MBOX file, you need to extract the ZIP file. After the file is exported, switch to the location. Hence, you have successfully converted Outlook to MBOX on Windows.

How to Convert PST to MBOX File on Mac Operating System

But if you want to open PST to Apple Mail on your Mac system, it can be done manually using Mac Outlook. You need to follow the steps given below to achieve this task successfully in a hassle-free manner:

  1. First of all, open the Outlook for Mac email application on your Mac system.
  2. Select File → Menu → Import option,
  3. In the Next window, choose “Outlook Data File (.pst or .olm)” à click on right-arrow.
  4. To proceed further, choose “Outlook for Windows Data File (.pst)” and click on right-arrow again.
  5. Plot a route to the location where the PST file is saved and select to open it.
  6. Now just click the Import to import the PST file in Mac Outlook successfully.
  7. Go to the Mac Outlook home screen. You can see the imported PST file in the On My Computer section.
  8. Restore the Mac Outlook window and drag the PST folder to the desktop. You will find the dragged folder, which is saved as an MBOX file.

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I think till here; you have clearly understood the process for converting PST to MBOX format manually. However, this manual method takes a long time to convert Outlook emails to MBOX file format and require other application to be installed on the system. Users feel that manual methods are a complicated and tedious process. Let us see some of its limitations:

There are some limitations to the manual method.

  • Manual method works out only in the Thunderbird MBOX format.
  • This approach has a complex process that is very difficult for users with no technical knowledge.
  • It is very time-consuming, and every step must be performed efficiently to convert PST to MBOX.
  • If you accidentally miss a step, you run the risk of losing all of your data.

Looking for a Better Technique? Use PST to MBOX Converter Tool

The manual method clearly shows that this is a fairly time-consuming process, and only a user who has worked on both the MBOX email client and Microsoft Outlook can complete the entire process. So, using a professional Regain PST to MBOX converter is a good choice for ordinary users. This PST to MBOX Converter can easily export the data from the Outlook platform to any MBOX supported email client. The user can filter the data according to various criteria such as To, From, Subject, Date and Attachment. The PST to MBOX converter can also freely convert 25 items per folder in MBOX format.

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Features of Outlook to MBOX Converter software:-

Maintains internal folder Hierarchy → This PST to MBOX Converter tool flawlessly supports the original internal structure of the PST file during the conversion process.

Protect Metadata and Email Formatting → This software keeps the HTML formatting of the PST files in form even before and after converting the PST file to MBOX file format.

Preview Outlook PST Prior to Conversion → With this PST to MBOX converter software, you can preview the Outlook PST file data before the final conversion to MBOX format.

User-defined location to save the resultant MBOX file → allows users to save the converted data to the desired location without any interruption.

Supports direct migration into Office 365 & Live Exchange Server → this PST Converter software also supports the complete migration of PST data, including Emails, Calendars, Contacts, and Tasks to Office 365 & Live Exchange Server account.

Now let’s discuss method for converting PST to MBOX step by step –

  1. Download and install Regain PST to MBOX Converter tool on your system. The home screen will look as shown to you below.PST to MBOX Converter tool
  2. Now, you need to select the PST file for the scanning purpose you want to convert.Export Outlook Emails to MBOX format
  3. The software will show you the preview of scanned PST mailbox items before converting them so that you can check them once yourself.Transfer Outlook PST Data to MBOX file
    4: You need to select the destination path to save the converted PST mailboxes on the system.Convert Outlook PST Data to MBOX file
  4. Once the PST files are converted into MBOX file format, the software will show you a message as “Saving process has been completed”.Export Outlook Emails to Thunderbird Email client

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