OLM to PST Converter Tool Download Full Version Free

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Sometimes, few requirements arise in front of us to convert our emails from one format to another format. Like same situations appear in front of you to convert emails from OLM to PST. To solve the problem, you need to download the full version of OLM to PST converter tool. So, through this article, you will get more information about the whole process of conversion and also about the converter tool.

Generally, two popular operating systems most used by the user is Windows and Mac. So, users have two different Outlook email program for both Windows and Mac systems. Both operating systems are using Outlook but the difference is Windows operates in PST file format whereas Mac uses OLM file format. Both these Outlook application are completely dissimilar and don’t support each other file format. To open OLM file in MS Outlook you have to convert it first from OLM to PST format. Because the OLM file is not acceptable in Windows Outlook. Continue reading “OLM to PST Converter Tool Download Full Version Free”

How You Can Fix Your Damaged or Corrupt Outlook PST Files or Personal Folder

Last Updated on January 18, 2021 by Henry Bray

If you are facing PST problem and you don’t know how to solve or fix this Outlook Personal Folder PST file error? In this case, this article can help you to fix this error. Read it must.

Commonly, PST Files or Personal Folder Files are used by Microsoft Outlook to store Outlook data, like email files, folders, and contacts or any personal data related to your MS Outlook.

If you have been using Outlook for more than a month, you are likely to get errors like “Unable to open Outlook data file”, “Error in file path was detected” etc. and you will have to wait a few minutes for Outlook to repair the file. Pretty annoying, but at least you can view your emails after the wait. Continue reading “How You Can Fix Your Damaged or Corrupt Outlook PST Files or Personal Folder”